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Copyright :
Reproduction including downloading of the works exhibited on this site are prohibited by copyright laws and international conventions without the express written permission of the copyright holders. Requests for any use or reproduction should be directed to :
contact@yvesbreton.com or  Yves Breton, 30 rue Pixérécourt 75020 Paris, FRANCE   tel :

Yves Breton
30 rue Pixérécourt 75020 Paris  FRANCE
Tel. :  01 46 36 97 79    /    + 33 (1) 46 36 97 79
mobile : 06 63 18 43 20


Orders or assignments

This site shows some of my favourite fields and techniques.
I work on assignment for any kind of photographic report (traditional silver-based technique or digital), on a daily basis.
Contact me for an estimate.

Sale of original prints : due to the diversity of  formats and techniques in the photos represented, I confess I didn't make a price list for all of them !  please do not hesitate to ask me the price of those you would be interested in.