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Welcome to this site !

I hope you' ll enjoy  browsing the various galleries presented here : the biggest one, and maybe the most amusing, is the first , which contains 360 VR panoramas ... The photos inside the "staging" gallery often needed a long preparation, and mostly stage artists'universes in Paris. As for the panoramas, even though they can be found in many galleries of this site, due to the extraordinary freedom of composition that new stitching techniques provide, thus fostering their use in many fields, I decided they would have their own place ! 


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Periphotos gallery

In this gallery, fullscreen 360 VR panoramas, in QuickTime format (you may get the free QuickTime Player HERE if you don't have it), and some in Java ...

Sites, events from Brittany, the Pyrenees, Paris and its surroundings, and more ...
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Objects gallery

Sculptures, antiques, still photography, object movies ...
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Panoramas gallery

In line : panos of Brittany, and of Fravaux - a small village in the south of the Champagne region.
lien vers galerie mise en scèneStaging gallery

Mainly, portraits of artists in their worlds ...
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lien vers galerie eau viveSports and leisure activities gallery   
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Miscellaneous gallery   
The first report in this gallery consists of a series of pictures taken on the 8th August 1973, in Quel - a spanish village in the Rioja Baja region -, on the occasion of an encierro  : bulls set free in the streets !
Encierro de Quel - direct enter / entrar directamente